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computer freeze when wathing and playing leage of legends windows 10 r9 280x

Question asked by spirevipp on Aug 13, 2015

as title says, my computer will completely freeze when i try to watch something on, and when i try to play league of legends. It also looks like it freezes when any Adobe software is running. I have tried a fresh install, and everything works until i install the latest driver from amd. Right after i have performed the clean install, everything works as it should. When i restart the computer after the freeze, i get no error messages, and cant find any error log saying anything about the freeze. After  hours of uninstalling other software and drivers, i am almost completely sure its the amd driver which crashes the computer.

my second suspicion is the driver for my network adaptor TP-LINK wdn4800


PC specs:

asus m5a97e2.0

amd fx 8350 @4.3GHz

corsair hydro h100i liquid cooler

gigabyte r9 280x @stock

samsung 850 evo 250GB ssd w/ Windows 10

ocz 120GB ssd

seagate barracuda green 2TB HDD

TP-LINK wdn4800


please forgive bad english, its not my native language.



i connected my 6 year old usb wifi card, and have not had any freeze yet. i think i can confirm its not any problem with amd drivers.

the problem is the tp-link wdn4800 network adapter. hope tp-link will release some updated drivers soon


Edit 2:

Nope. previous assumption was not correct. pc froze around 15 minutes later. problem remains unsolved.


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