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How to get special 7800 driver for Windows 10 and multimonitors

Question asked by jgr on Aug 9, 2015

My card is Visiontek 6 DP port model with Radeon HD 7800 Series chips.  I have 4 ASUS PB278 2560 X 1440 monitors. MOBO is ASUS Sabertooth Z87 with i7-4770K


During the preview phase of Windows 10, I have serious AMD driver problems which were corrected when AMD pushed a driver just for the 7800. After Windows 10 release, the old problems returned.  I rolled back the AMD drivers and Catalyst. Then,  on 8/4/2015, AMD pushed a driver for the 7800.  Then on 8/5/2015, MS pushed a cumulative Update which may have again messed up the video. 


How do I that 7800 Series driver so I can install it when necessary? I can't be dependent on AMD somehow realizing that this 7800 only driver is required on machines like mine.  It apparently is not the one in the current Windows 10 64 package 15.7.1 which AMD lists now.