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    Envy 17 3200 AMD 7850m Drivers Windows 10


      Looking to get some help with my Envy 17 3200cto, I have not found any drivers that work correctly from AMD or HP for Windows 10.I  I did the upgrade and a clean install and ran in the same problem, the first problem was the dimmer issue I ran the fix that added registry values it works now. Also when I sleep or hibernate it never recovers and crashes upon it coming back up Internal_Power_Failure. So at this point there are some major problems going on. I am trying to find what most of the Envy 17 32xx users are doing with the windows 10 and their systems for drivers or any fixes that may work. I originally used the windows update drivers but they only seemed to work for a time period as well. Then I went over to the official AMD CCC release same thing. Can someone help?