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Graphics card help

Question asked by munbase on Aug 7, 2015

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Hi, I've been having issues with me computer ever since I got it. I am very bad with computers and don't know too much about them but I think the problem I'm having is with my graphics card. I've been on constant 20 FPS on the very lowest settings on games and some games I download are unplayable. I think my computer specs are fine, please tell me what is wrong with it and what I can do to fix it. My specs are Six Core - 3.50 GHZ - 8GB Ram My graphics card is a AMD 760G and when I go and update it, it says I have the latest version. I don't know if I was ripped off with this crap graphics card, I will also list some pictures. Please also if you could, would u be able to tell me a few good graphics card on a budget of 100$ USD. Please try and help me out with what I can do or send me some information I can read up on, I am sure it is a graphics card issue, but I wouldn't know, Cheers - Taylor.