AMD r9 270x drivers for windows 10 not downloadable?

Discussion created by bynastic on Aug 6, 2015
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So I just upgraded to windows 10 up from windows 7. It started off with sound not working so I simply had to reinstall sound drivers which fixed the problem.

Doing this made me think reinstalling the new amd catalyst drivers would be a good idea. So I just uninstalled the AMD drivers from the windows 'change/remove' program.

I tried to track 'traces' of the drivers on my harddrive and simply deleted the leftover files I could find.


Finally I got to searching for the new drivers on the amd support/download website and found the 15.7.1 catalyst drivers (for my r9 270x). But clicking on download

only opened a new tab with a blank page that wasn't loading anything. The url was something like www2.amd.----etc.


I tried using the automatic installer/detector thing aswell but after downloading, the program just stops responding, stopping me from installing the drivers.


So basically my questions are: How am I going to be able to install the driver software and would it be bad to play games not having the driver software?


(Windows display adapter properties shows amd drivers being installed and up to date though).


Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!