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Catalyst 15.7.1 not working in Windows 10 (on HD 7950)

Question asked by myranda on Aug 2, 2015



Downloaded and installed Windows 10 this week like many others, and gaming etc has been fine. But it being a Sunday evening I wanted to kick back and watch a bluray movie


I'd not yet re-downloaded the PowerDVD10 software, so did that only to be told that it couldn't play the movie as my driver version was not recognised...


Maybe it's too old. I'll download the newest version of PowerDVD (luckily on a free trial).


But that runs so slowly and jerkily I might as well be hand-drawing each frame.


Thought I'd investigate in the Catalyst control centre - but I can't it doesn't open.


My PC is an i7 3770K with 16GB of RAM, a HD 7950, and the operating system is running on a Samsung 850 EVO ... the drive has been working fine.


I'm really hoping there's an obvious and simple solution that isn't "wait until the next version of the driver is out" but after an hour of not-watching a film I'm all grumpy now, so am predicting bad news