Virtual monitor in Windows 10

Discussion created by skopin on Jul 31, 2015

Hi everyone,


I'm going to start by describing my setup:


I have my desktop PC connected to my TV, and it is generally used for viewing media, fullscreen. I use my laptop to control it via TeamViewer. With Windows 7, I was able to go into screen resolution and create a virtual monitor by clicking Detect, then "try to connect anyway on VGA." This allowed me to perform other tasks on the desktop PC (ripping DVDs, encoding videos, etc.) through TeamViewer without disturbing the fullscreen media.


Unfortunately, this option no longer works on Windows 10. After upgrading, the virtual monitor no longer appears, and the Detect option does not give me the same option. Is there any way, using the Catalyst Control Center, to force a second monitor to show up in Windows, even though a physical monitor is not connected? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.