Windows 10 Pro x64 R9 290 drivers not working - DVI ports give no display

Discussion created by avatarr on Jul 30, 2015
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I posted this to Reddit but I'm cross-posting it here in case someone else has had the issue - or at the very least to bring it up to the AMD folks for resolution.


I'm having an odd issue where my monitor setup isn't working after upgrading to Win10. Before upgrading it was fine. Now I only get what I used as my second monitor as my main (and the other shows nothing). Actually, to clarify, both monitors show the POST / BIOS messages, blue windows logo, spinning circles, then when it actually shows the logon screen, the DVI monitor goes blank as if it has no signal and the TV (HDMI) is the only one that shows a display.


First a little about my setup:

  • Previous OS: Win 8.1 Pro x64
  • Current OS: Win 10 Pro x64
  • Monitor 1: 24" Dell Ultrasharp (using DVI)
  • Monitor 2: 45" JVC TV @ 1080p (using HDMI)
  • GPU's: Two (2) x PowerColor PCS+ AXR9 290's
  • Motherboard: Asus Z97-A


AMD Catalyst info:

Hardware: http://imgur.com/U2IVsH7

Software: http://imgur.com/43Hcuev

... but here's a screenshot of my Device Manager (it's not even sensing the DVI monitor):



What I've tried:

  • Turning it off and back on again (several times)
  • Open display settings to detect monitors (nothing detected)
  • Updating BIOS before installing Win 10 (ensured it worked fine in Win8.1 prior to updating and after BIOS flash).
  • Turning it off, disconnecting HDMI monitor and only having DVI monitor connected, and turning it back on. It just booted without any display.
  • Consuming several glasses of whiskey
  • DVI / HDMI plugged into different ports of both video cards and all possible permutations of that.
  • Updating Catalyst drivers
  • Booting to safe mode and using DDU to uninstall all remnants of Catalyst drivers, booting back to normal, and installing drivers again (both win 8.1 beta as well as current 15.7 for Win10 specifically)
  • Updating windows (checking for driver / windows updates)
  • Installing updated chipset software for motherboard
  • Yelling at it


At this point I've run out of ideas and google search queries. Thanks in advance.