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sapphire r9 280 crashing

Question asked by navyvinny on Jul 25, 2015

Hello, I have been trying to fix my pc for about a month now. I recently built it, my first build.


I am on windows 7, using a vga monitor with an adapter for DVI. I have updated all the drivers (I think).


I get crashing randomly when playing games. The crash either restarts the system or freezes the screen and horrible static emits from the speakers.


The games I am experiencing these crashes are Project Zomboid, Mincraft, Garry's Mod. I could never play PZ until today when I didn't have my speakers plugged in. I plugged them in and it immediately crashed. I wanted to test it again but I only plugged the green speaker chord in and it ran for a few hours, no problem. I went back to the game later in the day and it crashed 2 minutes after playing. Gmod works pretty well, but I get crashes every once in a while. Other games I have played on the computer is Terraria, which has never crashed.


Sometimes when playing games it crashes the games, black screen and I get a notification that AMD catalyst stopped working and has restarted.


I checked device manager to see if everything is updated, and it says it is. I don't have internet on the pc, besides the mobile hotspot to download programs to find problems with the pc.


Might be worth mentioning that I don't have the best power strip. It doesn't seem to be grounded, but I am picking up a new one.


What I have observed: I downloaded Fur Mark and the GPU got to around 60c and it's load was 100%-98%. But the fan speed was around 40%.


I am really desperate to fix this problem. Thank you.