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4 screens

Question asked by spankthemunkey1 on Jul 21, 2015

hi guys, i have an R9 290x lightning graphics card, i have 4 monitors and i want to set up 3 as eyefinity and 1 as my telemetry screen, the 4th screen is above my middle screen.

ccc will let me set 3 monitors as eyefinity or all 4 as eyefinity but it won't let me set the 4th as the telemetry screen. how can i set this to work. i can use all 4 as extended and so able to use all the screens but it just won't let me set as 3 plus 1, help.

  i have a gigabyte GA-Z87X-UD4H motherboard with dvi hdmi and display port on it, would i some how have to set the 4th screen on that as a separate monitor ??? any help would be appreciated thankyou.