Windows 10 Catalyst 15.7 WDDM 2.0 and wrong resolutions for TV

Discussion created by kayti on Jul 15, 2015
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I use W10 Build 10130 from few days and i observed that resolutions of my TV are wrongly recognized. It's UHD samsung TV (HU6900) connected to Asus 290X through HDMI cable. With catalyst 15.7 its nominal resolution is recognized as 4096x2160 (which is supported but only for 24 Hz cinema mode) rather than 3840x2160. What is worse, all resolutions from 1080p and up default with 24 Hz or 30 Hz refresh rate. Changing refresh rate works only with Windows tools, catalyst is not able to set other refresh rate(after clicking apply button, it goes back to 24 Hz). The worst thing is that new refresh rates are reset after changing resolution (back to 24 or 30 Hz). I'm unable to play games with correct refresh rates and resolution (i play games either 1080p@60 or 3840x2160@30, in first case i get 1080p@30, second 4096x2160p@24 even if 3840x2160 is set). All those problems occur after using driver from Catalyst 15.7 WDDM 2.0 or original graphic driver from Windows (also WDDM 2.0). WDDM 2.0 was supposed to reduce flickering of screen when changing resolution so i think the problem is connected to it. I tried clean install of system and gpu driver (DDU tool) but effect was the same. With gpu driver from windows 8.1 catalyst 15.6 (WDDM 1.3) everything work fine.


Anyone had similar problems on W8.1 or is it stricly connected only to W10?