AODDriver4.2 PC Freeze/Blackscreen

Discussion created by ludolfjack on Jul 15, 2015

Hiho all,

in some Games ( BF3,BF4,WARFACE),my PC Freeze and get a Black Screen...the Sound is stuck and listen like a there is a scratch on a LP...If i do nothing...the System is keep hanging on...i must always do a Hard Reset (Push Power Button 5 sec.)..after the reboot no the event viewer from MS stay:...aoddriver4.2.0 service failed to start due to the following error.The system cannot find the file specified...

Sometimes i can play 1+ Hour...sometimes only 5 minutes before it crash



I search on the Net but find only solutions for WinXP and the date is ages ago...

So is there a Solution ??

(Sry my English is not the best...hope u understand what is my Problem.)




FX 8320 

R9 280X

GA 990xa-ud3