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    Implement FAN Speed control of ADL_SDK OD6 by C# program~


      Hello ,

           Currently, I 'm developing  a tool which using AMD_ADL_SDK Program by C# language for FAN control in Graphics card on test .

      Unforunately, while i call the OD6_FAN_Speed of ADL Function call, I could not access properly.

      Does there have access of read /Write procedure when I call the ADL function code under C# language? or

      What Is wrong I program at ADL_OD6_Fan_Speed of ADL SDK code by C#?



      ADL.cs  -->internal delegate present :

      Internal delegate int ADL_overdrive6_Fanspeed (Int adapter Index , Int FanSpeednfo)

      Internal static extern int ADL_Overdrive6_Fanspeed (Int adapter Index, ref int FanSpeedInfo)


      ADL.cs  --> Register Struct

      Internal struct ADLOD6FanSpeedInfo

           internal int Speed Type;

           internal int FanSpeedPercent;

           internal int FanSpeedRPM;

           internal int ExtValue;

           internal int ExtMask;


      Program.cs -->Main Program .


           int thermalControllerCaps =0;

           if (null= != ADL.ADL_Overdrive6_ThermalController_Caps)


                ADLRet = ADL.ADL_Overdrive6_ThermalController_Caps(OSAdapterInfoData.ADLAdapterInfo[i].AdapterIndex, ref thermalControllerCaps);


                if (ADL.ADL_SUCCESS ==ADLRet)

               { int RPM =0;

                ADL.ADL_Overdrive6_ThermalController_Caps(OSAdapterInfoData.ADLAdapterInfo[i].AdapterIndex, ref RPM);

                Console.WriteLin ("FANSpeed:" +RPM)



      Thanks from your help in clarification of ADL SDK on Radeon GPU developing toolsFAN delegate 5.tifFAN delegate 4.tifFAN delegate 3.tifFAN delegate 2.tifFAN delegate 1.tif


      Best Regards