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Windows 10 insider preview forcing AMD Driver 15.20

Question asked by westong on Jul 4, 2015
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I am testing out windows 10 and encountered some performance issues with the in-built AMD driver and my R9 290. Generally just lower performance when compared to the latest omega beta on windows 8. I installed GTA V to test further and the game is unplayable with the current driver. The GPU usage frequently drops to 50% along with my frame rate. I knew it was the driver so I figured I would try the latest omega beta for windows 8 and see if it works. Well it did and performance issues were solved.


However the problem is that at some point the driver reverted itself back to the default windows 10 version and I'm not sure why or how.


I guess my question is should this happen? And how can I stop it happening?


To clarify I want to use the latest windows 8 omega beta driver on windows 10 without it being reverted back to the default driver as the beta driver is far superior and otherwise works well.