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    Fury x eyefinity 3x2 rotation


      Hi guys,


      I have 2 x R9 fury x's and a 4 port mst hub to connect up my 6 screens. Everything is fine but I stil cannot seem to flip the top 3 screens (3x2 setup) as I have to mount them upside down due to bezel sizes/buttons etc.


      I was under the impression that the Fury x would possibly be able to do this, is it not the case? Is there any way at all to flip the top 3?


      I have already tried having them flipped and all working fine without eyefinity enabled but as soon as I switch to the 6 screen SLS it re-flips the top screens to be upside down again.


      I would appreciate ANY help with this as it is going to be a lot of work to have to rotate the top screens around if I cant.


      Cheers in advance


      - Mo