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Witcher 3 Crossfire Flickering

Question asked by natehawk on Jul 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2015 by alltheothernames



Can anyone officially confirm if AMD is working on a fix for Witcher 3 flickering when using Crossfire?


There is NO fix or workaround for this issue at this moment. Even following AMD's optimization guide and turning Temporal AA off and tessellation down does not fix flickering.


This is a AAA game that has been out for 6 weeks and it is unplayable on my 295X2.


Crossfire users are your most elite users and 295X2 users are the elite of the elite. It is unacceptable that a flagship AMD card is unable to run a game like Witcher 3.


I just want to know if a fix is actually in the works, even if there is no ETA.