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    Witcher 3 Crossfire Flickering




      Can anyone officially confirm if AMD is working on a fix for Witcher 3 flickering when using Crossfire?


      There is NO fix or workaround for this issue at this moment. Even following AMD's optimization guide and turning Temporal AA off and tessellation down does not fix flickering.


      This is a AAA game that has been out for 6 weeks and it is unplayable on my 295X2.


      Crossfire users are your most elite users and 295X2 users are the elite of the elite. It is unacceptable that a flagship AMD card is unable to run a game like Witcher 3.


      I just want to know if a fix is actually in the works, even if there is no ETA.

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            any information about that would be nice indeed

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              Yeah, R9 295x2 here and have pretty bad flickering in this game with crossfire on which is the way this card is made to be used so "turning off crossfire" as a "fix" is sort of like being smacked in the face in my opinion..... Been waiting a while for the actual fix, I am just hoping there is even one on the way at all to be honest, I know my heart sank when 15.6 came out and I found out that Witcher 3 was not even addressed.... Starting to regret buying this card...

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                  It's out of AMD's hands now, they did what they could.

                  The rest is up to CDPR.

                  But judging by the fact they haven't replied to any thread concerning Xfire, and that they have to pretty much every SLI issue, I wouldn't get my hopes up.

                  It would seem Nvidia's got some dirty clause at play here too, unfortunately that seems to be the trend lately.


                  You can check out the above mentioned thread, that's the closest to perfect I've been able to get it.

                  The more I deepen my search, the more I keep hitting that Nvidia wall of licensing.

                  The remaining flicker (after the fixes in the above thread) seems to be a lighting issue, for which there is no setting.

                  That would mean it's either handled by the engine (CDPR must fix it), or it's provided by some Nvidia 'tech' (Nvidia must fix it).


                  The blame completely lies with CDPR on this, SLI is working fine as of patch 1.02, SLI and Xfire are essentially the same thing.

                  No new tech needs to be implemented, it's just slightly different settings.

                  I can't think of one sensible reason why this hasn't been fixed yet, however I can think of many dubious ones.


                  You want things to change? Then convince CDPR to break their contract with Nvidia.

                  I'll wait for 1.07 to pass final judgement, but as you can tell I have my doubts it will address crossfire at all.

                  Every article about patch 1.07 is missing that crucial word...Crossfire.


                  It's not a driver issue, it's a game issue, and by extension Nvidia sabotage,which can never be proven unless someone at CDPR feels like spilling the beans and getting their *sses sued off.

                  In the end it's AMD that takes the blame (as always), and the Nvidiots just jump on the bandwagon with their....AMD drivers suck....bull.

                  If only they knew...

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                  I had crazy trouble with this with a pair of 290x's on the Witcher 3.  Irrespective of the amount of load on the cards, some of the overlays shook like a dog sh*tting razor blades.  Best fix i found, which was about 99% effective, was doing a sweep and then using the 14.4 drivers. For some reason they seem to be the go to that always work with the crossfire flickering. I was skeptical - but it does help.

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