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FFXIV DX11 Heavensward Optimization

Question asked by alexinberlin on Jun 30, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by seek

I asked this before and official AMD support answer was: we are working on this.

But since the benchmark has been released long ago, and the launch of the game was on 19 June (early access)... i think it's time to ask again xD


Fortunatley i run the DX11 client with my R9 270X and i never had a crash, the only issue i notice is in some areas with many rocks or when the ground so "natural" with holes and imperfections, it think in that some cases the tesselation does not work correctly and the ground looks a little bit crappy/buggy. And somehow i feel there is still space for some optimization....


So please, give us the drivers we need! We are so nice AMD customers, it would be too easy to buy an nvidia card but we are sooo loyal to our Radeon brand!

Why publish day -1 driver update for that broken Batman game that was retired from sale? The FFXIV players are waiting! Please tell us at least if the driver is coming soon xD





P.S. Do not let Microsoft buy your company if you don't want to just disappear... I had a Nokia smartphone some years ago.... -_-