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    FFXIV DX11 Heavensward Optimization


      I asked this before and official AMD support answer was: we are working on this.

      But since the benchmark has been released long ago, and the launch of the game was on 19 June (early access)... i think it's time to ask again xD


      Fortunatley i run the DX11 client with my R9 270X and i never had a crash, the only issue i notice is in some areas with many rocks or when the ground so "natural" with holes and imperfections, it think in that some cases the tesselation does not work correctly and the ground looks a little bit crappy/buggy. And somehow i feel there is still space for some optimization....


      So please, give us the drivers we need! We are so nice AMD customers, it would be too easy to buy an nvidia card but we are sooo loyal to our Radeon brand!

      Why publish day -1 driver update for that broken Batman game that was retired from sale? The FFXIV players are waiting! Please tell us at least if the driver is coming soon xD





      P.S. Do not let Microsoft buy your company if you don't want to just disappear... I had a Nokia smartphone some years ago.... -_-

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          I am also waiting for new drivers and for Square Enix to fix their DX11 client.

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              Are we sure it's Square Enix that's at fault here? I have been playing the game since early access on a R9 290x with the 14.12 omega drivers and had 0 issues. For reference, my 290x + 4790k scores around 9661 on max 1080p in the benchmark.


              I recently got the R9 390x to swap to; just because I can. The Heavensward dx11 game client AND benchmark crashes EVERYTIME with the 390x on both 15.15 and 15.200. This prompted me to finally pull the trigger on getting a GTX 970 just to compare how the game actually runs on the nvidia hardware. This is the 1st nvidia gpu I have ever owned. However, instead of installing the 970 into my 4790k system, I installed it in my FX-9590 system. Lo-and-behold, GTX 970 + fx-9590 scores 10305 @1080p max on the dx11 benchmark. The game also runs silky smooth which further seems to indicate that Nvidia's drivers are much more platform independent. The fx-9590 + 290x had far more noticeable frame latency in areas with lots of people running around. What shocked me was how the gtx 970 breathes so much life into my old AM3+ system.


              For those wondering how the 390x compares. Despite all the crashes, I was able to complete a successful heavensward dx11 benchmark run and got 10274 @1080p max for the system with R9 390x + i7-4790K.


              GTX 970 + FX-9590 uses about the same power consumption playing FFXIV as the R9 390x + i7-4790k does; both systems with 60fps limit enabled.


              I hope someone from AMD reads this and is able to get the software team to fix these issues plaguing the 300 series drivers and make FFXIV's DX11 client actually playable on their newest hardware. Witcher 3 has a lot of media hype yes, but FFXIV already has 4+ million subscribers plus several new people that will be looking to get the game. The game is also more accessible to a wider target audience and range of gamers compared to Batman and Witcher 3 which, seem far more niche in scope.


              Rather than return the 390x for a refund, I have decided to keep it, hoping these driver issues will be resolved. That is the type of brand loyalty team Red has and needs.  The ironic thing is the driver issues on the 300 series actually helped sell another GTX 970.

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                  There's a forum post on the FFXIV forums where a lot of people are having issues with their DX11 client crashing. This didn't happen on my 290X or Fury X. Most of the complaints were from 970 owners. I've seen some complaints from people with Tonga (285 and 380) as well as 390 owner.


                  The issue I had with my frame rate cap was also an issue with a Nvidia owner. Their client is in need of serious attention.


                  I agree that FFXIV does have a big audience and there should be more attention to it. The game runs okay but it definitely can do better. I believe the 780ti and 970+ definitely performed better on their Heavensward benchmark.


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                      Yeah, I read through it. Interestingly enough it seems that the newer Nvidia drivers are causing the same problem with the dx11 client. I guess mine isn't crashing because I used the CD that came with the card to install the drivers. I did the same thing for the 390x. The CD for the GTX 970 had drivers from November of last year.


                      I'm not sure which company is responsible for the fix but I think the recent drivers from both AMD and Nvidia broke something for dx11, probably in the process of trying to improve the driver for dx12, Win10 or something.


                      Seems all the VGA drivers this year have tons of bugs and issues in multiple games. It's no wonder AMD's have all been beta since December and Nvidia's having to release Day 1 drivers to fix issues with new game releases (i.e. Witcher 3, Batman, etc).

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                  Bringing this one back into the spotlight for a bit...


                  So, while the DX11 client definitely does improve on some things, whatever optimizations AMD made for the original client have likely disappeared into the void of driver updates as by the time of 14.12 and 15.3, Crossfire was non-functional for FFXIV. This is an MMO with a large playerbase, even more so now since Heavensward, and it needs proper support from hardware vendors such as AMD. How can you support something tiny like Dead Island Epidemic and not FFXIV?


                  I've yet to test 15.7 and while I imagine the decreased DX11 overhead will help somewhat, there's likely a lot more that can be done.


                  There's similar threads in the FFXIV official forums, primarily regarding the broken state of Crossfire but also discussing optimizations in general. Please, prioritize this.