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    XFX R9 280 stuttering


      When playing a non-intensive game (gpu doesn't get that hot, stable 60 fps), with v-sync enabled, I frequently get milliseconds of flashes. Is this problem software-related, if so, how can I fix it, if not, can I RMA?

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          Please furnish some basic information




            Operating system




            Power supply

             (manufacturer/brand and model/wattage)

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              kingfish wrote:


              Please furnish the following information about your computer:


              1. Laptop or desktop

                 (If laptop> manufacturer and exact model)


              2. Operating system  


              3. Processor


              4. Graphics card


              5. Graphics driver version

                 (13.4, 14.2, 15.4, etc.)


              6. Ram/memory amount


              7. Power supply

                 (manufacturer/brand and model/wattage)


              8. Any overclocking?


              9. When this issue first appeared


              10. Steps you have tried to resolve this issue


              ( Please, no DXdiag wall of information )

              1. Desktop

              2. Windows 8.1 Pro

              3. i7-3930K

              4. R9 280

              5. 14.501.1003.0

              6. 16GB

              7. Thermaltake TR2 800W

              8. No

              9. About a week ago

              10. Not much, did the simple stuff like update drivers (although they're already up-to-date), enable v-sync