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    Second Radeon Card prevents Windows 7 from booting correctly


      Motherboard with ATI Radeon 3200 Graphics on board. Some time ago I inserted a PCIe Radeon HD5450 to see the screen on my PC-monitor and my TV-screen simultaneously. Then I changed or updated something in the software, thereafter Windows 7 64 bit would reboot and reboot and not start. I removed the PCIe Radeon HD5450 and as much of the software as I could and started out again with the on board graphics.

      I have my PC attached to the onboard ATI Radeon 3200 via HDMI and everything works.

      AMD software installed:

      AMD Raid expert (I searched how to remove it without success)

      AMD Vision Engine Control Center

      When I reinsert the PCIe Radeon HD5450 - Windows won't boot correctly again. Windows starting screen, then rebooting, Windows starting screen.


      Since the combination worked once earlier there must be a way back.


      Any idea how to get both graphics displays working besides each other without preventing Windows from starting?

      Thanks for any advice.


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          You cannot have both the integrated and discrete cards enabled together since they use different drivers.

          The HD3200 is marked as legacy and uses a different driver.

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            You can use both together, but you must an older driver revision, from when both were supported in the same package.  The latest such package, if I recall correctly, is Catalyst 13.4.


            You'll need to remove all AMD drivers then install the dual-compatible version.  Then make sure you don't upgrade them.

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                Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately first try was completely unsuccessful.

                I removed the AMD-catalyst software as explained on the website. I also removed th ATI driver for the graphics card. I rebooted, monitor resolution (max 1920x1080) via VGA cable was 1400x1500, but worked.

                Then I found a file 13-4_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc_whql.exe in my collection and started to install it. After installation of a lot of files a blue screen of death terminated the ongoing installation process. I rebooted but Windows would not reboot again. The boot process repeatedly ended with a BSD indicating atihdw76.sys to be somehow involved. So the machine ended up unbootable. I installed my backup, back to where I started from.


                Software I see as candidates:

                Software on the CD which came with my motherboard, which must have the necessary software for the onboard Radeon 3200  graphics.

                Software on the CD which came with the Radeon 5450 I installed some years ago. Unfortunately I do not remember software manipulations then.

                What I find in my repository:

                13-1-legacy_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc.exe that came on the mobo CD, which seems to me to be the most promising candidate




                Any idea how to proceed?

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                    The "legacy" driver will work with the 3200 but not the 5450.  You want a non-legacy version of that driver, which will support both.  You also need to make sure you remove all vestiges of the old drivers.  There's a utility called Driver Fusion that can help with that.

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                        I removed the Catalyst Software again (which was reinstalled via my backup) and installed the 13-1-legacy_vista_win7_win8_64_dd_ccc.exe software from the mobo CD from year 2008. And now I think I am where I was before the driver and software updates. It works with the 5450 also! At the moment my PC-monitor is plugged into the VGA-port of the additional 5450 PCIe card and my TV ist connected via HDMI to the same card. Monitor duplication was said to work only from the same graphics processor. So I connected the monitors to the extra card. Sound to the PC-montor goes through extra 3,5 mm phone connector cable and sound to the TV via HDMI. I can switch the sound between TV and PC-monitor as I need.


                        Actually the motherboard has also a VGA and HDMI port but I vaguely remember that it was not possible to have both outlets active simultaneously. That was the reason I bought the extra card.


                        I will make a backup immediately plus system restoration point.....