Unsure if the drivers installed properly, and update the version.

Discussion created by maplevicmau on Jun 10, 2015

Hi there,


My system information is


I have Windows 8.1

AMD radeon hd 8240

processor amd e1 2500 apu with radeon tm hd graphics


Today i used AMD autodetectutility, To upgrade my AMD graphic drivers, so it detected the best drivers for my device as,,,, AMD catalyst omega 14.2 without dotnet45 wind8.1 64bit.exe

So i installed the versión autodetectutility toldme. without any visible error,


But my rpoblem is that when i go to AMD information or device manager in shows that display driver versión installed is 13.251


AMD INFORMATION shows 13.251.9001.1001-140704a-173665E-ATI driver packaging versión.

And Windows device manager under display shows...13.251.9001.1001 driver versión.


There is nothing that says i have 14.2 versión installed.....


Is this normal?