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AMD Catalyst 15.5

Question asked by wavetyler on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2015 by wavetyler

Now that AMD Catalyst 15.5 has been released I attempted to try this version with my configuration.


Radeon HD 7000

DisplayPort connected to a U2415b DELL MST Hub Monitor (chained to another DELL 24)

DVI connected to another DELL 24


Only 2 monitors are detected.  (1 of the DisplayPort monitors is detected and the DVI monitor)


Missing from the Catalyst Control Center is the DisplayPort screen.


When I have 14.12 installed, (where all my monitors are detected) shows the following screen shot:



With driver versions 15.3 AND 15.5 CCC does NOT show this information and 3 monitors in the configuration I describe above does NOT work.