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    Laptop's with Radeon R9 M290x GPU's


      Hello Everyone!


      I am Light, you may call me Zac, or Light, either or doesn't really matter to me.


      My question is this. I've looked around on ebay, amazon, and on tech forums, and I can't seem to find many Laptops that support the R9 M290x GPU's. I'd like to have a Laptop with Dual R9 M290x's, and the only one I can find is the Alienware one, and its only being sold on amazon for $1,900 (Link) I'd like to get that one, over a GTX Card because I believe amd had something going really nice when they started that crossfire in laptops. But since I can't seem to find any others that are crossfired, and the other ones that are single GPU's are around the same price. I was wondering if you guys knew any laptops that had the R9 m290x in them but with crossfire, or as a single GPU under $1500.00


      Also as a side note, I'm currently using a laptop with intel HD 3000 graphics.... so i'm probably going to upgrade to a AMD APU laptop soon, or i'd just save up for the Dual R9 M290x on amazon. I haven't decided yet, but I may get both for the fun of it.