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    FX 6300 turbo?


      Hey guys
      I recently upgraded from phenom II x4 to fx 6300 and i got some questions

      So i enabled turbo core for the cpu and it's bumping the coreclocks all the way up to 4,4ghz!
      I thought it would only clock up to 3.8/4.1ghz with turbo core, so i want to know if it's normal?
      I didn't OC or change anything other, than enabled the turbo core technology from bios.


      Also fx 6300 should be a 95w cpu, but according to hwmonitor the cpu never uses over 65watts.

      So i want to know how accurate that reading is, because i have a mobo designed for up to a 95watt cpu  and i was thinking of overclocking instead of enabling turbo core.
      So obviously i want to know if i have headroom to overclock in that sense.


      And about the temperatures... i can't find any official info about them.
      I have heard that socket temps should be held under 70C and package under 60C, but i can't fully trust them because nobody seems to have hard cold facts.
      So i was hoping to get some of those from here


      Thanks for any help!

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          The FX 6300 should not reach 4.4 Ghz, could you please explain where you are seeing this information. I would suggest using AMD Overdrive or CPU-Z to monitor the CPU/Cores correctly.


          The 95W rating on the CPU is not really the amount of wattage which the CPU will use, but is more the "maximum" amount of power which the CPU will use at any time. In reality most of the time the CPU does not use near this amount of power, but when pushed to the maximum it might draw this amount of power for very short periods of time. This time range can be in milliseconds and thus would not even be registered by most monitoring programs.



          Overclocking your CPU would not be recommended!!!


          Also the maximum temperature for stable running with the FX 6300 is under 70°c. This temperature is a "safe" maximum at which the CPU can be run at for short periods of time. Anything higher then this can cause damages to the CPU (or data loss and system crashes at best). CPU temperature monitoring can be done with both of the above mentioned applications. Also just to note, as long as you properly installed your CPU and have a compatible Motherboard/BIOS the system will monitor your CPU temps and keep the CPU within target levels as needed.

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              I used HWmonitor which a lot of people recommend.
              Here's a screenshot of the readings, after playing about 1-2 hours of GTA 5 and multitasking.(pretty heavy usage)




              I guess i'll try overdrive then too, just to double check.


              Edit: so i just downloaded AOD and it seems like a pain to use, atleast for the monitoring part.
              Or maybe it just needs some getting used to...

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                  Beside the Max CPU frequency being too high everything else looks normal, and as should be expected. I was checking into your motherboard and found that the ASRock 960GM-VGS3 FX has a built in OverClocker called X-Boost. This looks like it could be the culprit and has been enabled. It is a auto-OC feature which can be enabled on system start up by just clicking the "x" button on the keyboard and may have been enabled without knowing what it does, or may be turned on by default for some reason.


                  Here is the ASRock page on this feature:

                  ASRock AMD FM2A85X Microsite


                  Personally, I would say that as long as your temps are staying low (as shown on your HWMonitor) you should be fine with leaving it on.

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                      Well i just checked the startup screen and bios and every overclocking feature and settings are off.
                      But i did some stress testing with prime95 and AOD and with those softwares the clocks stay under 4.1ghz, but on normal heavy usage (multitasking and gaming) they get up to 4.4ghz.
                      That's pretty weird...


                      But yea i'll just leave everything as they are since the system is 100% stable and it's running great.

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                  If you disable turbo is it normal at 4.1 Turbo?