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FX 6300 turbo?

Question asked by pabupata on Jun 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2015 by iwalkwithedead

Hey guys
I recently upgraded from phenom II x4 to fx 6300 and i got some questions

So i enabled turbo core for the cpu and it's bumping the coreclocks all the way up to 4,4ghz!
I thought it would only clock up to 3.8/4.1ghz with turbo core, so i want to know if it's normal?
I didn't OC or change anything other, than enabled the turbo core technology from bios.


Also fx 6300 should be a 95w cpu, but according to hwmonitor the cpu never uses over 65watts.

So i want to know how accurate that reading is, because i have a mobo designed for up to a 95watt cpu  and i was thinking of overclocking instead of enabling turbo core.
So obviously i want to know if i have headroom to overclock in that sense.


And about the temperatures... i can't find any official info about them.
I have heard that socket temps should be held under 70C and package under 60C, but i can't fully trust them because nobody seems to have hard cold facts.
So i was hoping to get some of those from here


Thanks for any help!