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Will APU upgrade improve gfx power?

Question asked by scarlet622 on Jun 1, 2015



I am thinking of buying upgrade (on a budget) to below:

  • AMD A8-7600 FM2+ 3.8GHz Socket FM2+ 4MB Quad Core Processor
  • ASRock FM2A88X Extreme4+ FM2 AMD A88X ATX RAID Gigabit LAN


I already own a Radeon HD 7700 1Gb PCIE 3.0 gfx card.

Will the above mean the APU gfx and the seperate GPU card will run in crossfire?

Also is the change from PCIE 2.0 to PCIE 3.0 upon mobo help much?

If not then perhaps I better get FX6 CPU as its the same price atm.


Any advise will be most grateful