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Can't set Catalyst to use Maximum Performance when on battery

Question asked by shinsekai_yori on May 29, 2015


That's what the PowerPlay section of the Catalyst Control Center looks like for me. I want to set it to use Maximum Performance when on battery, but it won't stick (and for that matter, setting it when it's plugged in to maximum battery doesn't stick either). I've tried pressing OK, Apply, and in both regular and administrative modes for the control center, and it just immediately switches back to Maximum Battery.


The problem I have is that when it is on battery performance is HORRIBLE. Not just for games, scrolling in Firefox is unbearably choppy as well. And it won't go back to full performance until the battery reaches 100%, not when it's plugged in - so if I was using it on battery I have to wait a really long time, and if I was just moving the laptop after keeping it plugged in (which I do often) I have to wait till it reaches 100%, since the battery will repeatedly discharge to 95% and then fill back up when it's fully charged. And sometimes even that doesn't work, and I'll have to unplug and replug the computer or even restart it to get back performance. Also, if I have to be on battery I'll switch to the Intel integrated card, since I get 1.5x-2x the battery life when on it, so I don't even need the battery conservation with fglrx.


I'm on Ubuntu 15.04 using Catalyst 15.3, but the problem also occurred in Ubuntu 14.10 with Catalyst 14.12. Don't know about earlier since I didn't have this laptop earlier. The GPU is a Radeon R9 M275X.