EventLog FULL of AMD Spam, ACEEventlog - Fan speed issues?

Discussion created by megagoth1702 on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2015 by sc489

Hello guys, please, help me out with this issue.


I am not sure since when this is happening, but I have to seem a low-level software/hardware issue that translates into massive eventLog spam.


If you are a WIndows 8 user, you should be able to doubleclick on this file and it will open YOUR event log viewer with MY errors so you can look at them in detail.


If you can NOT view the file, here are the errors as screenshots. They are always the same 4 errors repeating themselves. I installed Windows 8.1 freshly today with the GTA V Optimized Beta Driver (Sapphire R9 290 OC 4GB) and I already have over 700 messages.


Also one of my GPU Fans is misbehaving, read about it here. I think the issues are connected, since the eventlog is yelling about fan speeds & temperatures.


Hardware: i5-2500K at 4.3 GHz, antec true power 550w, Z86 Pro3 Gen3 MB, 8GB of Ram, freshly installed Windows 8.1, GPU driver is the "GTA V optimized beta driver". The GPU is slightly overclocked with MSI Afterburner to 1100/1400, +20% power and a slight voltage boost, but the problem persists on stock clocks as well.


Anyway, guys - what is this? Whatever I found on google was not helpful at all so I ask you, the professionals. Please, please, please help me out here.