AMD Kaveri FX-7600P Mobile APU Vs. ULV Haswell Benchmark

Discussion created by kingfish on May 9, 2014

A little while ago specs on AMD's new mobile platform found its way  onto the web. Basically the Kaveri APU linelup entails seven parts. Six  quad cores APUS and one dual core APU. The leader of the pack is the FX-7600P  and some benchmarks have reared. The lineup includes four ULV SKUs and  three 35W parts. For the ULV segment the FX-7500 is a 19W quad-core  clocked at 2.1/3.3GHz with 384 Radeon cores. 

The R7 GPU is clocked at 496/553MHz and the APU supports DDR3 1600  memory. The A8-7100 is 19W part, quad-core clocked at 1.8GHz with an up  to 3.0GHz Turbo. But next to the 17W/19W parts, AMD has also cooked up  three mainstream 35W APUs. 

The A8-7200P is clocked at 2.4/3.4GHz. It has R5 graphics with 256  shaders clocked at 553/626MHz. It supports DDR3 1866. The 10-7400P is  slightyly faster at 2.5/3.4GHz, but it packs R6 graphics with 384  shaders clocked at 576/654MHz. Like its sibling it supports DDR 1866  memory.

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