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    AMD Carrizo-L spec's


      Hi, now when I look for my next laptop, I'm prefer a low-voltage cpu's from AMD, like Kabini and Beema(now my laptop is on AMD Kabini A6-5200) as they can give a lot of gpu performance and good cpu for everyday use and some gaming. So, now I'm waiting for a new AMD Carrizo-L. I'm not like a bulldozer APU's becouse I want to have a laptop with 15-25 watt TDP SoC, and it's looklike bulldozer APU with same TDP will have less powerfull gpu, and it will be more expensive.

      So, I'm interested in AMD Carrizo-L apu's.

      Will it be only a new products on Puma+ cores or that cores will be upgraded?

      Will this SoC have a two-channel RAM controller?

      What is memory bus width will be in Carrizo-L?

      Will the Carrizo-L play H.265 and 4K video dy hardware decoder?

      What will be GPU in Carrizo-L(same with Beema, or same with Kaveri)?

      What about HSA in Carrizo-L?

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          I recommend you start searching the web for information. I cannot say anything official about an unreleased product. However, there is a lot of information out there.


          I doubt that it answers most of your questions, but AMD presented at the ISSCC about Carrizo last week.


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              There is information about carrizo with excavator cores and almost nothing about carrizo-l with puma+ cores,

              I have already look about it on web, but there is many information:

              on one site amd carrizo-l will not have HSA, h.265 and at all wil be same as AMD Beema, enother says about HSA like Kaveri, but not like Carrizo(without l), and there is nothing about memory controller(dual or single channel)

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              Not the answer you want, but we have closure. I am expecting public announcements in that 2-month time frame. Until then, it is wait and see.


              That is the beauty of Carrizo and the Excavator core.  As the ISSCC paper mentioned, on Carrizo, we have delivered significantly better performance at significantly less power.  Carrizo is fine-tuned for that 15-25W TDP you are looking for.  While I’m unable to disclose many of the details you requested at the moment, we will have much more to say about Carrizo-L and Carrizo over the next couple of months.

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                  So, now Carrizo-L are out, but there is no exact information,

                  I saw, that it's have HSA, it's true?

                  What about memory controller in Carrizo-L-single(like kabini-beema) or dual-channel?

                  What about h.265 hardware video enc/decoder in Carrizo-L?