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AMD Carrizo-L spec's

Question asked by maestrodan on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on May 9, 2015 by maestrodan

Hi, now when I look for my next laptop, I'm prefer a low-voltage cpu's from AMD, like Kabini and Beema(now my laptop is on AMD Kabini A6-5200) as they can give a lot of gpu performance and good cpu for everyday use and some gaming. So, now I'm waiting for a new AMD Carrizo-L. I'm not like a bulldozer APU's becouse I want to have a laptop with 15-25 watt TDP SoC, and it's looklike bulldozer APU with same TDP will have less powerfull gpu, and it will be more expensive.

So, I'm interested in AMD Carrizo-L apu's.

Will it be only a new products on Puma+ cores or that cores will be upgraded?

Will this SoC have a two-channel RAM controller?

What is memory bus width will be in Carrizo-L?

Will the Carrizo-L play H.265 and 4K video dy hardware decoder?

What will be GPU in Carrizo-L(same with Beema, or same with Kaveri)?

What about HSA in Carrizo-L?