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    OpenCL benchmarks for GCN cards


      I am interested in getting an idea of how much of a speedup I can expect when I move from my olde

      HD 7700 to an R290X.  I currently have a 2GB PCI 3.0 HD 7700 running on windows 7, and my kernel

      takes about 250 ms to run.  This is an image compression kernel, so there is a lot of memory traffic between

      global and local memory.  Is it reasonable to expect a 10X increase in performance when moving to R290X ?


      I realize it is quite hard to tell without running the durn thang.


      And, by the way,  any progress on the board farm that was being discussed earlier ?





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          Compubench results show a roughly 5X speedup from 7700 to R290X, on a variety of OpenCL benchmarks:



          Strangely, R295X scores about the same as R290X - I am guessing that the test software doesn't scale

          to multiple devices.

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              they should really figure out how to hide the fact it is a separate device better and make it look like more compute units on a single card  - it's always going to haunt them in benchmarks which will directly related to sales and uptake.


              There are other advances in GCN that might affect your speedup but if it is a case of straight forward memory bandwidth (you can verify your bottlenecks with CodeXL) - your answer is likely based on the ratio of the cards memory bandwidth.  Number of compute units is the next effector probably...