Forum conduct standards

Discussion created by jtrudeau on Nov 7, 2014

This is a community of professionals, and as a community we expect professional conduct.

In the context of the forums, this means:

  • No profanity – using wildcards to replace letters in a profane word does not make it acceptable
  • No solicitations – advertising, job offers, free gifts, you get the idea
  • No impersonation – you cannot pretend to be someone else
  • No disrespect – we have zero tolerance of intolerance, no matter what the reason
  • No spam – spammers are banned from the forum immediately and permanently


Depending on circumstances, a moderator or administrator (at their discretion) may:

  • Edit the offending text to eliminate profanity or disrespect, if that’s possible
  • Delete a message or topic
  • Contact you privately, perhaps to inform, educate, or request more professional conduct
  • Ban any spammer from the forum


Any of the above is extremely unusual. If you see something offensive, you can report it. When you are in the forums, in the Action menu on the right hand side, you will see a “Report Abuse” link. Use that to let us know that you think there is a problem. A link to the specific topic or message is appreciated.

You can consult the Official Terms and Conditions for further detail and precision.


We really do not like editing anyone’s messages, so please do keep it professional. THANK YOU!