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Compiling OpenCL kernel on build server without a GPU

Question asked by jakob on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2014 by dipak

Is there a way to compile OpenCL kernels for a specific GPU (Pitcairn) on a computer without a GPU installed?


We would like to compile the OpenCL kernels on our build server. It is virtual and doesn't have a GPU installed.


I have succeeded in compiling the OpenCL kernels with CodeXL on a computer without a GPU, and after exporting the binaries I was able to execute them on another computer with a GPU. This would suggest that it is possible to compile to a specific device without it being present. But how?


I have been looking at KB115 but as far as I understand I need the device, I wish to compile for, installed on the system. The guide says: "you must find the appropriate platform.", how do I do that? I only have CPU devices on the computer, when there are no GPU installed.