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Cannot access both AMD and Intel GPU devices

Question asked by klamers on Mar 26, 2014
Latest reply on May 1, 2014 by neovea

My DELL E6540 laptop has a Intel HD4600 GPU as well as an AMD HD8790M.


Before installing the HD8790M driver OpenCL programs could see both the CPU and the GPU device under the Intel platform.

After the install of the AMD driver the Intel GPU OpenCL is missing, and the Intel platform only shows the CPU.

Yet both GPUs can be seen with OpenGL/Cg programs.


Current driver versions are:

AMD 13.350.1005.0 (Catalyst 14_2_beta_1.3)



I tried re-installing the Intel driver, also after a uninstall with Driver Display Uninstaller of the Intel driver.

Laptop has no BIOS options regarding video.


Help is appreciated to get both GPU devices accessible using OpenCL.