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    Window of flashtool only show 80% of screen


      Hello together,

      using Dell M6500 with  ATI FirePro M7820, Win7, 64Bit, driver up to date from ATI side "ATI_FIREPRO-M7740_A01_R252733",

      also used diver from DELL hompage,



      Using a Tool which was programmed from a small office to programm a hardware with a Atmel chip .

      Everything works fine, only with my ATI grafik card it shows only 80% of the window. Every function works good.

      Checked out with Nvidia Laptops - no problem. Only with my ATI.


      Does anyone knows this issue? Need some informations about the programm? Then i can ask the programmer if you can give me some "facts" you want to know.


      Kind regards,