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    GPU use bellow 1920x1080


      Hello everybody, I would take a doubt. I was talking to a friend about performance CPU / GPU. And he told me that the Radeon 5xxx series from the use of the GPU only at resolutions above 1920x1080. Below that this resolution processing is done only by the CPU. Is this true?

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          Generally no. This depends entirely on the application (game?). If you browse the various GPU performance tests, you'll see the testers use different resolutions in game-testing. Typically 1024x768 and upwards. Today's games are not playable with only CPU rendering, even at 1024x768.


          But to answer your question specifically, you need to mention the application whose performance you like to evaluate.

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              Hello bdot, he said the games are: Crysis 2 and 3, Battlefield 3 and Borderlands 2. Running on an i7-3770 with an nvidia GTX 660. This same board was on a PC with a Q6600, and second he was faster. Ai asked him why and he told me that. What happens in this low resolution. And during the conversation reached a part where he quoted the AMD GPU.

              "The AMD SDK. Resolutions below full hd are all handled by the CPU.'s Even in the APU
              Everything will turn out to be recalculated by the video processor first.
              Above full hd gpu already pass right by. "