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    [Bug Report] strang bug with macros


      Hi, I wrote me a little glsl macro to initialize color constants with a hex number like 0xFF0000 for red.


      so the macro looks like:

      #define HexColor(x) (vec3((x>>16)&0xFF,(x>>8)&0xFF,(x)&0xFF)/255)


      I run it succesfully on an Intel onboard card, but when I trie to use it with my 5770 I got these strange compile errors:

      ERROR: 0:100: error(#143) Undeclared identifier undefined

      ERROR: 0:100: error(#132) Syntax error: '<' parse error


      when I split the macro into several lines like this:

      define HexColor(x)(\\



                          (x>>8 )          &0xFF,\\


                ) / 255\\



      the first error disapears.


      Now the strange thing, when I use the code directly without the define, so:

      const vec3 COLOR = (vec3((0xFFB86B>>16)&0xFF,(0xFFB86B>>8)&0xFF,(0xFFB86B)&0xFF) /255) ;

      instead of:

      const vec3 COLOR = HexColor(0x6B9FFF);


      everything works fine.


      I can of course create a function which works just fine, but I can't use it then for constants.


      I wouldn't complain if the code wouldn't work at all, but it just don't work if used through a macro

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          That is strange indeed. We will look into it. In the meantime, you can use GLSL's built in function for this:


          vec4 unpackUnorm4x8(uint p);


          If you want to replace your macro (which I notice returns a vec3), you can do:


          #define HexColor(x) unpackUnorm4x8(x).gba