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Using HD7970 as secondary GPU for OpenCL only

Question asked by darkmen on Jan 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 24, 2013 by darkmen

Hi, i have problems using the HD7970 as secondary GPU. I have itegrated Intel video I want to use for desktop rendering and HD7970 for calculations. This is required to have normal screen feedback during OpenCL calculations running. Both cards have no monitors connected.

The windows 7 makes last installed GPU as primary card (I cant select it any other way, only disable and enable in Device Manager)

So, to make Intel as primary card (and render desktop) I have to disable the AMD card and enable it again.

This is not the big problem, but when AMD card is secondary in system here starts wired things:

1. AMD Catalist control center stops "seeing" it, I cant check\set memory or core clock


2. AMD System Monitor still can see it but NO info about clock or usage %


3. OpenCL device information shows 500 Mhz core clock (default clock when it was primary GPU, was 1050 Mhz)

OpenCL kernels running ok but with very low performance.

No other third party software is able to set clock for secondary GPU.

Please adwise how to run the AMD card full power.


System running Win7 x64 with the latest stable catalist drivers 12.10