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Concurrent execution on multiple GPUs

Question asked by joen on Nov 22, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2012 by joen

Hi, everyone!


I found a problem about concurrent kernels execution on multiple GPUs.


There are two AMD Radeon HD 7850 GPUs on my computer, and the OS is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

I installed the AMD APP SDK and GPU driver according to following steps:

  1. install the GPU driver, Catalyst 12.10
  2. install the AMD APP SDK 2.7
  3. set COMPUTE=:0
  4. set DISPLAY=:0
  5. aticonfig --adapter=all --inital -f
  6. reboot


Then, I wrote a testing program:

The program gets the two devices first, and create separate command queues respectively.

Each command queue is issued one kernel, and each kernel are executed independently.


However, I found the execution order of two kernel is not concurrent,and it is serial even if I use the separate context including respective device.


How do I utilize the two GPUs at the same time?


Best regards