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[Issue ID 02112012-1]: ADL color function is not synchronous with graphics UI

Question asked by cksu on Nov 2, 2012


We used ADL SDK for color correction development, it had color adjusting on API call:

int ADL_Display_Color_Set (int iAdapterIndex,
int iDisplayIndex,
int iColorType,
int iCurrent




It can be used to set color Saturation / Hue, but the persist value can not be maintained, and not synchronous with graphics UI.

It is seem to ADL_Flush_Driver_Data() function is not workable, which we call after ADL_Display_Color_Set().

Please hel to check this problems, the system information:


1).SDK: ADL 4.0

2).HW: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250

3).Driver: 8.702-100202a-096193C

Thank you in advance

     Call ADL_Flush_Driver_Data() after to persist settings on reboot.