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    [Issue ID 02112012-1]: ADL color function is not synchronous with graphics UI



      We used ADL SDK for color correction development, it had color adjusting on API call:

      int ADL_Display_Color_Set (int iAdapterIndex,
      int iDisplayIndex,
      int iColorType,
      int iCurrent




      It can be used to set color Saturation / Hue, but the persist value can not be maintained, and not synchronous with graphics UI.

      It is seem to ADL_Flush_Driver_Data() function is not workable, which we call after ADL_Display_Color_Set().

      Please hel to check this problems, the system information:


      1).SDK: ADL 4.0

      2).HW: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250

      3).Driver: 8.702-100202a-096193C

      Thank you in advance

           Call ADL_Flush_Driver_Data() after to persist settings on reboot.