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    Screen Jitter


      Hello all,


      Not sure if this is in the right place for this or not.


      I'm having a problem with my new card. I'm experiencing an issue with screen jitter. It only happens when Photoshop CS6 is open. The screen actually jitters, it's not a flicker as I can see everything while it happens. This hasn't happened playing games (Skyrim, etc) and it didn't happen on my previous card/system. EDIT: In fact, I can leave Photoshop minimized for 45 minutes or longer and have no jitter. When I go back to it, it starts jittering again. /EDIT


      Here's what I've tried:

      • Turning off graphics acceleration in Photoshop.
      • Turing on graphics acceleration in Photoshop.
      • Rebooting Machine.
      • Check physical connection of card/cables.
      • Reinstall photoshop.
      • Closing all other programs.
      • Plugging PC into different monitor.
      • Ensure catalyst has drivers up to date
      • Ensure Windows 7 is up to date.
      • Ensure CS6 install is 64 bit installation.
      • Ensure RAM/CPU usage is normal.
      • Google'd the issue.
      • Ensure ipoint.exe was not running (suggestion from another website)


      Any thoughts on what steps I can take next? Has anyone experienced this before?



      Intel i7 3770K

      HIS Radeon HD 7770

      12GB DDR3

      Fresh Windows 7 Ultimate 64 (all updates)

      Acer 24" LCD

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          Hi Jacobdykes,

          Can you tell me what display connection and any dongles if any that you are using. Also can you tell me the resolution you are running it.


          do you have any 3d application that can run in windowed mode, like any of the unigine benchmarks or furmark. If you do then can you try running one of these applications in a windowed mode and have photoshop CS6 running. See if the jitter goes away.

          Lastly can you make a small video of the jitter and show me what the exact problem is. thanks.

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              Thanks for the reply, hsaigol


              Here are the answers to your questions:

              • I'm using a VGA cable to the monitor and the DVI adapter included with the card.
              • 1920x1080
              • I currently do not have a 3D app that can run windowed. I could pick one up this evening and test it out.
              • I could make a small video this evening when I get a moment.


              Some more information:

              When attempting to turn hardware acceleration on/off, I didn't think that restarting Photoshop might be necessary for the changes to take effect. Do you know if I am correct in assuming this?




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                As I stated, I was under the impression that certain changes to Photoshop settings took place immediately and that an application restart wasn't required. I'm specifically referring to the hardware acceleration on/off option. After turning off the option and doing an application restart, the problem seemed to go away -for me. Turning the feature back on and doing another application restart brings the jitter back.


                However, this is still unacceptable since disabling card acceleration cripples the use of Photoshop features to an extent. I know that I'm not the only person to experience this issue after doing a Google search. I also assume Adobe might say it's an AMD issue, while AMD might say it's an Adobe issue. Yet a fix needs to be implemented regardless.


                My new question is; Where would one go to report such an issue?

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                    i don't have an answer as to where you should report this, but i can try to get someone to reproduce the issue here in the lab. My biggest problem is that i don't have a copy of CS6 here so i will have to ask the SW team. I am pretty swamped with other work so how soon i can get back to you on this or bring it to the driver teams attention i do not know.
                    would you still be able to make that video?
                    lastly can you open CCC, switch to advanced mode, from the left hand side click on information -> hardware
                    take a screen shot of the page and post it here as well. thank you.