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Question asked by dragonxi4amd on Aug 31, 2012
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2012 by binying

Hi OpenCL Community,



Please, help me to get the status of the latest OpenCL assets:



1/4) hardware

~ GPU: AMD 7970 ? Does it fully support all featured specified by OpenCL 1.2 >> ?

~ is it wise for a moment still use the tested and working GPU ?



2/4) SDK

~ the latest SDK version & does it fully support OpenCL 1.2 >> ?

~ are 3D images now fully supported and by which hardware and software ?



3/4) OS

~ 64-bit Windows 8 and by which software(SDK...) and hardware(GPU,CPU) ?

~ is it wise for a moment still use 64-bit Windows 7 with working GPU/CPU instead of changing the whole workstation software and hardware ?



4/4) compilers

~ the latest C++, C and Python compiler versions for above software and hardware ?

~ what is the stable & reliable SDK at the monent supporting the latest OpenCL features ?



Thanks in advance