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      Hi OpenCL Community,



      Please, help me to get the status of the latest OpenCL assets:



      1/4) hardware

      ~ GPU: AMD 7970 ? Does it fully support all featured specified by OpenCL 1.2 >> http://www.khronos.org/opencl/ ?

      ~ is it wise for a moment still use the tested and working GPU ?



      2/4) SDK

      ~ the latest SDK version & does it fully support OpenCL 1.2 >> http://www.khronos.org/opencl/ ?

      ~ are 3D images now fully supported and by which hardware and software ?



      3/4) OS

      ~ 64-bit Windows 8 and by which software(SDK...) and hardware(GPU,CPU) ?

      ~ is it wise for a moment still use 64-bit Windows 7 with working GPU/CPU instead of changing the whole workstation software and hardware ?



      4/4) compilers

      ~ the latest C++, C and Python compiler versions for above software and hardware ?

      ~ what is the stable & reliable SDK at the monent supporting the latest OpenCL features ?



      Thanks in advance