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TDR error, impossible to fix

Question asked by immortality on Jun 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2012 by kcarney

i have had this error for so long and i am seriously getting sick of it, every time i try to play Battlefield 3 it locks up and i cant play and have to reset my pc, i have a AMD 5700 HD series, i have the most up to date drivers, and please do not respond with that crapy fix of, oh well you just increase the TDR time or anything like that because IT DOESNT WORK!. i have tried evrything and i doubt that anyone can fix this, so if i cant get this fixed in the next week im ordering a geforce because this is rediculous, its been a known issue at AMD for over 2 years! and still no fix! frikken rediculous, non the less thanks for your time and if you can get a possible fix. ill try evrything so dont worry about risks because at this point im willing to do anything to fix this error.


kind regards maurits.