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Running HVM on XEN,OpenCL Program Failed:GPU not found.Falling back toCPU device.

Question asked by blindsniper on Jun 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2012 by blindsniper

I'm running a HVM virtual machine on XEN,installed AMD E6760 driver and OpenCL SDK on DomainU, with PCI passthrough,

I can list bus and device on domainU which deserved to GPU. While running OpenCL samples it turned out that "GPU not found,Falling

back to CPU device." I think it is that there is no monitor on a virtual machine,when I'm running OpenCL program remotely with SSH,without

power on the machine with a monitor,it will turned out the same result.Then how can I use the GPU device,in OpenCL program,with out a monitor,

I just want to install the GPU on a embeded system,which has no monitor,the GPU is just used for computing.