AMD APP Profiler 2.5 is now available

Discussion created by chesik Employee on May 16, 2012
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We are pleased to announce the availability of AMD APP Profiler v2.5.  For more information, please visit the product page at:


New features and updates in this version include:


  • Support for AMD APP SDK v2.7.
  • Support for OpenCL™ 1.2.
  • Support for collecting performance counters on APU devices.
  • Full support for profiling with AMD Radeon™ HD7000 series GPUs based on Graphics Core Next/Southern Islands:
    • Added support for kernel occupancy analysis.
    • Added support for collecting performance counters for DirectCompute (DirectX 11) applications.
    • Addition of SALUBusy counter.
    • Fixed value reported for VALUBusy counter.
    • The values reported for LDSFetchInsts and LDSWriteInsts counters were inaccurate on AMD Radeon™ HD7000 series GPUs; thus for those GPUs, those two counters have been replaced by a single LDSInsts counter.
    • Fixed display of kernel ISA.
  • Improved OpenCL™ analysis module:
    • Added detection of deprecated OpenCL™ APIs.
  • Added support for showing source and destination location, as well as zero-copy status for memory transfers initiated using clEnqueueMapBuffer or clEnqueueMapImage. This information is displayed in the API Trace view.
  • Added support for Microsoft® Visual Studio® projects that use User-defined Macros in the project settings.
  • Fixed the --workingdirectory (-w) command line switch (set current directory) on Linux.
  • Fixed some problems with importing previously-generated profile results into Microsoft® Visual Studio®.
  • Changed the default installation directory on Windows to %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\AMD\AMD APP Profiler to make it more consistent with other AMD tools (i.e gDEBugger and CodeAnalyst)


Please post any feedback here.