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newbie question: whither rendermonkey

Question asked by michaeladamkatz on May 2, 2012
Latest reply on May 15, 2012 by ianblaire

(I posted this under GPU development, but this is probably the right place.)


I am new to GPU, new to shaders. I was hoping to find a tool that would let me examine different shaders, tweak them, and see the results. I was also looking for a tool that would let me debug shaders like I can debug regular C code in, say, Visual Studio.


Rendermonkey is part of what I want, but I see it is no longer supported. So one question is: why is that? Is there some other tool that now does what rendermonkey does, but better? What tool is the best for looking at different shader effects to understand and tweak them?


Second question: I see that there is gDEBugger, but from what I can tell it's for debugging general purpose code running on a GPU, not for debugging shaders? Or is it all the same?


So what I'd really like is a modern rendermonkey with the ability to set breakpoints in the shader code, examine variables and so on. Is there such a tool?