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downclock HD7970 memory under linux

Question asked by pwvdendr on Apr 22, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 25, 2012 by linux-invader

I'm running an OpenCL application on a GPU linux server with some HD7970 cards in it, and since it is completely ALU bound, I'd like to downclock the memory to 400-500MHz, since this would reduce power consumption.  However, it seems that all methods I try fail when trying it to reduce below (shader frequency - 150MHz). Why is this? How should I work around this?


All methods that I find either cannot decrease it below the shaderfreq-150, or are windows-only (like MSI afterburner). And since my other topic here doesn't seem to catch any answer, I'm not able to run windows on this machine to modify these values.


Does anyone know any way to do this? It's a waste of energy to run OpenCL on a device that provides way higher clock speeds than what I need...