Bug- 100% CPU usage when >1 GPU installed & used

Discussion created by haydent on Jul 29, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2014 by reaalfantasy
normally: 1 gpu installed & used = 1% cpu usage

This is very commonly talked about so its not just me and you likely already know about it.

during opencl activity (btc mining) when i had 1 card installed (6950) i would get 1% cpu usage, but now i have 2 installed i get 100% cpu usage on the core i set their affinity to.

i had the same problem with various driver and sdk versions not being able to fix it.

it creates alot of extra heat and power usage for apparently no good reason as the cpu shouldnt be used at all....

we really appreciate the flash video lockup fix in 11.7, that was very annoying.

a fix to this also would be the last widespread problem ive heard of...