Messages between CPU and GPU [CLOSED]

Discussion created by dragonxi4amd on May 9, 2011
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What are the messages between AMD OpenCL host device CPU and AMD GPU ?

(Q1/8)  Where to get the specification for the messages between OpenCL host CPU and a OpenCL device ?
[OK]  http://www.khronos.org/opencl/

(Q2/ 8) Where to get  AMD CPU<-> AMD GPU communication messages ?
- any AMD specific messages ?

(Q3/ 8) Are the specs open ?
[OK] OpenCL is a opencl spec royalty free standard for heterogenous systems

(Q4/ 8) How much do the specs cost ?
- does AMD offer any discount price for developers (royalty free = for deployment) ?

(Q5/ 8) How to monitor/debug/test  the messages between AMD CPU and AMD GPU ? For example messages sent and received.
[OK] Generally commands are passed from host to opencl devices via commandqueues. you can check which commands got executed and also find their profiling data using opecl events and corrosponding APIs. You can know the timelines and log of various opencl API calls using AMD APP Profiler.

(Q6/ 8) Are there any special control messages between CPU and GPU ?
- any AMD specific messages ?

(Q7/ 8) Does AMD implementation provide any log for CPU-GPU messages?
- format, is it standard or AMD specific ?

(Q8(/8) What is the format of callback message sent by GPU to CPU ?  
- does a callback message come back from GPU as CPU host program defined it (without any extras)?

Thanks to Himansu Gautam !