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    Can I override the /etc/OpenCL/vendors ICD dir on Linux?


      It's nice that OpenCL allows to drive any compute device, but under Linux the fixed /etc/OpenCL/vendors ICD dir is a problem for me.

      I'd like to run my code on the CPU of (cluster) machines that have no OpenCL installed, or on any device in a system with OpenCL installed, but using another (tested/newer) version of OpenCL. For a "run anywhere" approach where you cannot (reasonably ask to) update system files regularly (think HPC or grid computing) this is a real problem.

      Is there a way to override the hardcoded(?) /etc/OpenCL/vendors dir under Linux, e.g. using an env var? As a normal user, I cannot use chroot to trick it. Do I need to find/write a custom libOpenCL.so with e.g. an env var check?