async_work_group_copy causes compiler seg fault

Discussion created by rick.weber on Feb 11, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2011 by rick.weber

I get a seg fault in clBuildProgram() when I call async_work_group_copy() with struct arguments. The struct is defined as:


typedef struct _MSScanInfo
  unsigned int mMinMZ;
  unsigned int mMaxMZ;
  unsigned int mTotalCurrent;
  unsigned int mMSLevel;
  unsigned int mNumPeaks;
  unsigned int mPrecursorMass;
  unsigned int mNumHoles;
  unsigned int charge;

If I do the following, it doesn't seg fault:
  cl_event loadInfoDone
    = async_work_group_copy((__local unsigned int*)&scanInfoLocal, 
                            (__global unsigned int*)&scanInfo[mySpectra], 
                            sizeof(MSScanInfo) / sizeof(unsigned int),