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    Using ATI OpenCL for NVIDIA platforms


      I have linux-based server with NVIDIA GPUs and x86 CPUs on which I have installed both NVIDIA and ATI OpenCL implementations. I have thus two OpenCL platforms on that machine (ATI and NVIDIA). Now, what I noticed is that I can use ATI OpenCL API to even use NVIDIA Platform and vice-versa. Maybe, I am missing some point as I thought it should not be possible.


      For example, when I am compiling with ATI, I am giving something like:


      g++ -c  -I/opt/amdstream/include map.cpp -o map.o

      g++ -o map -L/opt/amdstream/lib/x86_64 -lOpenCL map.o 

      and I run it with NVIDIA platform("NVIDIA Corporation"). What is the argument here, as it means that the API are interchangable from platform's perspective?